20 FEBRUARY 2017 


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Mount Pleasant Paintball Mission Statement
To Educate people of all ages (especially our youth) about battles our country has fought, to Honor our Veterans through employment and the opportunity to teach our next generation, and to Learn teamwork, camaraderie, and Esprit De Corps in a safe “outdoor” activity.

Welcome to Mount Pleasant Paintball!

We provide an expansive outdoor facility with multiple battlefield options, based on real life combat. Here is your chance to participate in the:

  • New Field Special Ops Scenario 
  • War Between the States (Civil War): The Battle of Battery Wagner
  • The Trenches of World War One
  • World War Two – Normandy
  • Jungle Warfare of Vietnam
  • Gulf War One

Mount Pleasant Paintball Assault Weapons
Paintball combatants plan and fight with their teammates against their enemies to gain control of the battlefield. Winning individuals, who complete the ultimate achievement, gaining the “flag”, will be promoted in rank along with a real Badge to show others their status. We offer:

25 Secluded Acres
Multiple Battle Fields
Convenient Location
Superior Realism
All Equipment with Air and Ammo*
Annual Memberships
Private Parties

*NOTE: Field Paint Only. EPA Regulations restrict us from allowing you to bring your own paint, specifying the requirement to protect the natural environment.

Mount Pleasant Paintball Strategy